Long ago, the Known Lands of Avora were a wild and terrible place. Monsters and bands of roving humanoids terrorized the civilized folk of the Land, and kept them hiding in fear behind the fortified walls of settlements. Then, centuries ago, the leaders of the civil folk – humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings – gathered together and formed a pact to rid their lands of these inhuman monsters. A terrible war was fought for decades, until finally the civil folk of the land persevered. Destroyed, driven off, or hunted into hiding, the land became safe for the citizens of the civil kingdoms to travel and spread out over the fertile land they inhabited. And the pact that the kingdoms had formed held past the end of the war, ushering in a time of relative peace and trust amongst the civil peoples of the lands. For 247 years, that peace and order has remained.

However, all of that changed one fateful night when a star seemed to fall from the sky, streaking down to the ground below leaving a trail of fire that turned night into day. It landed in the Kingdom of Aomir, and a wave of mystical energy erupted from the crash and covered the land for miles around. By morning, the Kingdom of Aomir had been rendered unrecognizable, an unknown wilderness where once a mighty kingdom had stood.

While politicians and monarchs argue over what is to be done when a nation is erased from the land, tales of warped landscapes, terrible monsters, and unearthed wealth have traveled the Known Lands, bringing all sorts of adventurers – and those who cater to these danger-seekers – to the places closest to the edges of the devastation. From these sudden frontier towns, adventuring folk have begun to explore the wasteland that once was Aomir. Those who return tell of a vastly altered landscape, the reappearance of monsters from long ago, and fabulous wealth waiting to be unearthed.

Until the Known Lands’ leaders can sort out the politics of the situation, the Kingdom of Aomir stands as both wasteland and unknown frontier, awaiting those brave enough to tame it.

World of Adventure 2.0