This campaign will begin at level 0. 0-level characters are handled slightly differently than regular characters, and our first session will cover building the characters. It is a relatively simple process.

Zero-level characters have a race but not a class. Instead, you will choose one of the game’s six power sources: Martial, Arcane, Divine, Shadow, Primal and Psionic. The power source you choose will determine what classes you may choose from when your characters attain 1st level and choose a class. For example, if you are planning on playing a wizard, you would choose the Arcane power source.

During the time we play at 0-level, your character will have the opportunity to make choices that favor one or another of the four Class Roles in the game – Defender, Striker, Controller, and Leader. Keep track of these choices (I will instruct you on how exactly to do that) because it may end up that the choices you have made point you toward a different class than the one you initially had in mind. However, you are not beholden to the choices made, and may still choose any class associated with your chosen power source.

Each player will be responsible to create one or two urban legends or rumors that their character has heard. These rumors or tales may or may not be true, and your character may or may not believe them. But they are things your character has heard and may be incorporated into the campaign is some way.


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