Lakehome is a simple fishing village, sitting on the coast of what is now called the Tarnished Sea.

The town is populated by humans, half-elves and halflings, but a few members of other “normal” races (such as half-orcs, goliaths, and elves) have found homes there as well. Extra-planar races, such as Eladrin, Devas, and Githyanki are not found in the town as residents, but occasionally turn up as visitors or travellers.

The town deals mostly in agriculture and fishing. There are farms spread out all around Lakehome, and piers spread out from her shorelines like fingers. The vast majority of people who live in the town proper are involved with fishing in some way; the farmers tend to live on farmsteads a few miles outside of town.

There is a fairly large Dwarven contingent in Lakehome, but they are concentrated in Lakehome’s unofficial suburb, Dwarfton.



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